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your life.


your normal.

You probably don’t think about it much, but you have a pelvic floor. Everyone does! 


Pelvic health is essential for sex, physical activity, and everyday comfort.


When something’s wrong with your pelvic floor, you may find yourself missing out on activities you once loved. 

Simple things like playing, dancing, or lifting could become uncomfortable. 


Even worse, you might get the impression that there’s nothing you can do!


Friends, advertisements, and even medical professionals might tell you to just “get used to it.”

Don’t resign yourself to discomfort. Resolve to make a change.         


You might not feel like you did before - you might feel even better. 


Work with us to find your New Normal.

Work with Dr. Shephard to establish a plan to get from where you are to even better. Seek answers to your questions and receive guidance.

Patient can be anywhere in the world!


Pelvic floor physical therapy allows us to address symptoms and find improvement.

Available to patients based in Minnesota!

Physical Therapy

What we treat


Bowel movements

Pain when

getting it on

Ab separation


Kids wetting

the bed

Kids leaking


Pain with sitting

C-section recovery

Abdominal pain

Groin pain

Tailbone pain

SI pain

Testicular pain

Katherine Shephard, PT, DPT is driven by a passion to help people through improving pelvic floor health, which she believes has been overlooked and under-treated for too long.  


After acquiring her BA in Politics and International Relations from Scripps College, she tried out various careers - from coaching golf to selling granite monuments - but upon learning about physical therapy, she knew she had found her true calling.


Not wanting to lose any more time, she threw herself into her doctoral studies at the University of St. Catherine in St. Paul, Minnesota. While there, other parts of her life continued to grow and change: she welcomed two daughters over the course of finishing her studies.


She lives in Minnesota with her spouse and three children. She loves cooking, watching musicals, traveling, and sleeping through the night.

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